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There are ways each of us can live out truth, whether it’s with our neighbors, friends and family, or people in another nation. We’ve seen countless examples of great evangelists proclaiming the truth while also demonstrating it.

Demonstration of truth can come in many forms, including acts of compassion or justice as well as the supernatural. Unconditional love demonstrated in a variety of ways can have almost the same effect as a supernatural healing. More and more evangelists are following Billy and Franklin Graham’s example of combining the preaching of the gospel with humanitarian projects. In fact, Franklin is known more for the work of compassion than for his proclamation. It gives him enormous credibility as an evangelist.

Another example of this comes from the spring 2003 Luis Palau Beach-Fest in Fort Lauderdale. Volunteers worked with Habitat for Humanity to build six homes before and during the proclamation event. Again, such work validates the gospel preached.

When we demonstrate the truth of what we say, it greatly enhances our effectiveness. When people can see the gospel lived out before them, it opens their hearts to receive what we are preaching. That’s why evangelism often depends on demonstrations of love. In campaigns in India, we noticed that many leaders in other religions ignored the physical felt needs of the people and demanded continual religious sacrifice. We responded with acts of mercy - helping with food and medicine and drilling wells for clean water - along with our proclamation. Many of the people we ministered to noticed the contrast. In fact, even Hindu and Muslim civic leaders opened their hearts to Christianity because of public examples of Christ’s love.

To our evangelistic campaigns we added medical aid, well drilling, and education. Parents were often overwhelmed with gratitude when they learned their children would be taken care of medically. Once their children had received vaccinations, they no longer had to fear polio and other diseases. New freshwater wells prevented the spread of many other illnesses. Witnessing these acts of unconditional love opened up villages and larger cities to the gospel message. Whole communities responded to the gospel as they watched Christians care for them in ways that their Hindu and Muslim neighbors never had. Showing compassion caused them to realize that being a follower of Christ made a person different.

How can you show others that being a follower of Christ makes you different from others? Impact individuals. Change whole communities. We all have unique gifts and talents from the Lord, and we can all show mercy and act with compassion.

Start today.


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